Beacon House expands services

A Marquette nonprofit agency is expanding the patient treatment avenues it offers at Marquette General Hospital.

Beacon House is now managing several of the services at the hospital.

It’s now operating the coffee shops in both the hospital and the peninsula medical building, the hospitality rooms within the hospital and the hospital’s gift shop.

“We started through the gift shop here in 1990 with the first Beacon House,” Beacon House board member Sue LeGalley said. “So, it’s really interesting. It’s really wonderful that we could come full-circle and become part of the gift shop again.”

The proceeds from the gift shop and the coffee shops won’t all go to the Beacon House facility.

The MGH wig salon, scholarship programs and other programs will also benefit from them.

“When people come to a hospital, they want to be comforted,” Marquette General CEO Gary Muller said. “The things that the Beacon House volunteers and the team does there comforts people and makes people feel better about being at a hospital.”

Beacon House’s transition into managing these new services and shops may have come about because of Marquette General’s switch from nonprofit status to a for-profit hospital.