UPLGA Tournament update


The Championship Flight of the 2013 Upper Peninsula Ladies Golf Tournament is down to just four golfers at the Wawonowin Country Club in Champion.

Monday was the second day of match play.

Championship Flight – Quarterfinals

Avery Rochester defeated Pam Frankini, 7 & 6.

Nancy Osier defeated Doncie Richards, 3 & 2.

Zoe Woodworth defeated Cathy Kucherak, 1-UP.

Carley Saint-Onge defeated Karen Plaisier, 6 & 5.

Championship Flight – Semifinal matchups (match play)

Avery Rochester vs. Nancy Osier – Tuesday, 8:30am

Zoe Woodworth vs. Carley Saint-Onge – Tuesday 8:30am

The finals will start at approximately 2pm.