State archery tournament in Mqt. Twp.

Eagle-eyed archers from across the state converged on the central U.P. over the weekend.

The Deertrack Bowhunters Archery Club hosted a tournament at its range in Marquette Township.

It was the Michigan Archery Association field and hunter championship.

The tournament attracted about 70 competitors, and it was the first event of its kind ever held in the Upper Peninsula.

“There’s three state shoots throughout the year, throughout Michigan, and we’re hosting one of them,” Deertrack Bowhunters president Coby Beauchaine said. “It’s kind of special for us because this is the first time we’re ever hosting a state shoot here in the U.P, so we’re really excited. This is for championship points at the end of the year to have our archers of the year.”

The target distances ranged from 20 feet to as much as 80 yards.

Coby Beauchaine says many people don’t know that Marquette has an archery range, but top competitors do now, including four archers who span three generations of the same family.