Learning the history of Father Mqt. statue

Monday marks the 100 year anniversary of the Father Marquette statue being moved to its current location near the corner of Front and Rock Streets in downtown Marquette.

Nearly two dozen people heard about the history of the statue.  The talk focused on the restoration, and why the statue was moved to its current location.

“They moved it from the foot of Ridge Street because it was quite the industrial area,” Marquette Arts and Culture Manager Tiina Harris said.  “It was dirty, there were train tracks down there, it was industry. And they thought it’s not an appropriate place for such an esteemed statue, that a more appropriate place would be over looking the entire city up on this beautiful hill. And so it actually went to city vote because it was a big to move a few ton statue.”

The statue was originally presented to the city in 1897, and has recently undergone extensive restoration efforts.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at the statue.  It will feature a birch bark flotilla, and performances by the Marquette City Band and the Lake Superior Theatre.