Negaunee Senior Center book sale

The Negaunee Senior Center was the place to be today for bookworms.

The ‘Friends of the Negaunee Library’ held its annual book sale at the Senior Center, with the largest selection of books they have ever had.

The sale featured books ranging from adult novels and children’s books, to informative cooking magazines.

The books sold for as little as a dime apiece.

“Its nice to be able to use the Senior Center for our book sale because we do not have room at the library anymore to have the book sale there,” said Karen Barrett, the treasurer for the ‘Friends of the Negaunee Library.’

The book sale is the group’s main fundraising event for the Negaunee Library.  All proceeds go directly to the facility.

The Senior Center has also hosted a continental breakfast each morning this week as part of the Pioneer Days celebration.

Its open to the public for just three dollars.

“Thank you to our staff for being able to put their running shoes on this week and making Pioneer Days happen here. We’re extremely busy. We served 90 people pasty pie yesterday, so having everyone here and all hands on deck and everyone on board really helped,” said social worker Lindsay Juricek.

Saturday will feature a made to order breakfast with a price of six dollars for those who want a quick bite to eat before the 34th Annual Pioneer Days Parade begins in Negaunee.