Alger Co. kids learn about Grand Island

Grand Island served as a one–of–a–kind classroom for kids from Alger County today. Nearly four dozen kids participated in the first week of the 13th annual Life of Lake Superior Youth Program. Volunteers from the U.S. Forest Service, DNR and other organizations participate in the program. They not only educate the kids, but also give them hands–on experience learning about the island’s history, planting flowers, and more.

“All of these different natural resource programs have been willing to work with us,” Greening Michigan Institute Extension Educator Joan Vinette says, “And share information, and examples with the kids about what they do, how they maintain and the stewardship that they offer for the land.”

“We have a variety of stops. We have cultural history, the archeologist is teaching that. We have the mammals of Grand Island, we have an individual teaching that. We have one on wind science, and up here at the farm field we’re working with pollinators.” said Hiawatha National Forest West Unit Plant Ecologist Deb LeBlanc.

The outdoor activities included a session on the Native American history of the island.

9–year–old program participant Kaelan Mulye said, “I think it’s very cool to learn about the Indians and everything here.”

“It’s just that we’re out and about a lot, and I really like Grand Island, and I really like coming out here.” said 12–year–old participant Chantelle Harger.

Kaelan added, “We were at the station where we learned about healthy foods. Like how calcium in milk is special to you, And what could happen if you don’t get enough calcium.”

Next Wednesday the group will be teaching kids how to kayak. If you would like to sign your child up for the program, you can call the Michigan State University Extension office at 906-387-2530.