Snyder talks Medicaid expansion

Governor Rick Snyder met with business and medical officials in Marquette this morning at Marquette General Hospital. The message was simple: continue to urge the state Senate to come back to work, and vote in favor of expanded Medicaid.

The expansion would use funding through the federal Affordable Care Act. The bill could help close to half–a–million adults in Michigan become eligible for Medicaid. The bill was approved by the House, but the state Senate adjourned before voting on the measure. The actions of the Senate are not sitting well with Snyder.

“This is a big deal, because we have many people in the rural areas of Michigan and the U.P. that don’t have health insurance,” Governor Rick Snyder explained, “And, so they put off getting care until it becomes a crisis. Just think how much better off we can all be if they can get preventative care, they can get a physical, they can get immunizations.”

State Representative, Democrat John Kivela from Marquette said, “The number’s between 400,000 and 450,000 people that would be covered by this. It’s going to help the hospitals that are having to provide care at no cost in their ERs. He (Snyder) understands the significance to this issue. It’s a very very big issue for Michigan.”

“His (Snyder) message was today is how do we work together to make healthcare better. And this is a fantastic opportunity our state has.” explained Marquette General Health Systems CEO Gary Muller.

Snyder will continue to make stops throughout the state to campaign for the state Senate to vote yes on the measure. The Senate is set to meet again next week.