Mqt. complaints about homeless residents

Summer weather often changes many of the activities we’re involved in from day to day.

It also changes some of the complaints people make to police agencies.

The Marquette Police say homeless residents often stay in areas like Founders Landing once the temperatures are warm enough.

They say many of the homeless who camp out in the summer aren’t able to stay in shelters such as Janzen House.

“They’re not allowed to stay there if they’ve been drinking, so they make their own campsites, and it’s normally on public property, which causes a nuisance for us and for beachgoers, hikers, families,” Marquette Police Sgt. Ryan Grim said.

Tourist Park is another area where the homeless can sometimes be found.

On Monday, the Marquette Police received a complaint about homeless residents camping there.

“We had a large campsite that we had to take out of there,” Sgt. Grim said. “We’ve had some trouble with them, again, harassing campers, being intoxicated, vulgar language, that kind of thing. They were moved on, built a campsite in the woods, so they were again moved along.”

The Room at the Inn shelter program, which rotates accomodations between many Marquette area churches, is closed for the season.

It will re-open in September.