Jasper the dog missing since Fourth of July

A woman and her fiance are asking for help in finding their dog who ran away on the Fourth of July in Marquette.

Katie Griffen said her one and a half-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Jasper ran away from a home on East Park and High Streets in downtown Marquette after being scared by neighbors lighting fireworks.

She said he is a lovable dog, but might runaway if someone approaches him because his previous owners did not treat him well.

“He’s very afraid of stranger,” Griffen said.  “He won’t be aggressive, he’s the most friendly dog, but when he sees you he’s going to hide.”

“And if you chase him, he will bolt away, so if you can please can spot him and call us and let us try to get him, then it would go much better.”

Griffen has set up a Facebook page for Jasper so people can leave information if they have seen him.

She also said Jasper has a microchip, and is wearing a red collar.

“The microchip works if the dog ends up at vet clinic or a shelter,” Manager of the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) Larenia VanStrein said.  “All vet clinics and shelters have scanners so they can scan the chip for the number, and then contact the microchip company, and then we would get the owner information.”

“It’s a great way to get your pet home if it ends up at a shelter or a vet clinic.”

“He’s only a year and half old, so he’s kind of gangly and awkward still,” Griffen said.  “He comes up to my hip standing next to me, so he is 85 pounds.  He’s very scrawny for a Bernese Mountain Dog, he’s tri-colored so he’s brown, black, and a white face.”

If you’ve spotted Jasper, please call (906) 869–4401 or (906) 360–8588.

You can also visit Griffen’s Facebook page at facebook.com/findjasper.