Marquette City Commission hears two waterfront proposals

Two plans to optimize the use of Marquette’s waterfront were unveiled at tonight’s City Commission meeting.

The beach at Tourist Park reopened less than a month ago after ten years of dormancy due to massive flooding. Tonight, a new five-year land use plan was presented to the board to prioritize renovations to the park.

“The use would essentially remain very similar to what’s there now, with some additions. The campground could be expanded. The toilet and shower buildings definitely are being looked at to be made accessible. We’re looking at adding the ‘yurt village’ sort of the thing like you see in some of the state parks, which are pretty popular. That could give the opportunity to expand into winter time use, too,” explained Bill Sanders, a landscape architect at Sanders & Czapskl Associates, PLLC.

The other proposed change would affect the way residents and visitors access Lake Superior off of Lakeshore Drive. Right now, parking is sparse and people who kayak or row have to carry their vessels for long stretches. To combat the issue, the Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club is proposing to install a community boathouse on Founder’s Landing.

“So it would not just be used by the rowing club, but also Northern’s crew, kayakers, and paddle-boarders. It will also have a universal design so there is a handicap launch,” noted Sally Davis, a member of the Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club.

Founder’s Landing offers an ideal location due to its proximity to the break wall and shoreline.

Both proposals are still being considered by the city commission.