Staying cool under the sun

The beach was the place to be today to get some relief from the heat.

Paddle boating give you the best of both worlds. You can stay hot with intermittent dips in the lake

Temperatures climbed up through the 80’s to nearly 90 degrees. It was so hot that some people didn’t even leave their car, opting instead for shade or air conditioning while they took in the sights.

Although the air might have been warm, the water was still a bit chilly for most beach–goers’ liking. Only a select few jumped in head first.

“Oh yeah. The sand is too hot for my feet. First thing I do is get ’em cold. I don’t know when I made my change. Before I used to do the little toe touch and freak out in cold, but now I just jump right in,” explained Kevin Liberty who has lived in the U.P. his whole life.

The heat doesn’t appear as though it will let up this weekend, so the beaches may be just as packed for the next few days.