Lake Superior Theatre opens for season

The summer theatre season began at the Lake Superior Theatre in Marquette Friday night.

They opened the 2013 season with a familiar musical about the Upper Peninsula.

Beacon on the Rock is a musical about immigrants coming to the U.P.  It was chosen as the opening production because it was the first play performed by the Lake Superior Theater in 1999.

“The cool thing about Beacon this year is that we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of Beacon,” Co-director of Beacon on the Rock Denise Clark said.  “People who may have come the first, second, or third year will remember some of it, and go ‘Oh, I haven’t seen that in a long time’, but Beacon has not been performed at the Lake Superior Theatre in many many years.”

“And I’m happy to report that we have wonderful production on our hands here.”

“It (Beacon) showcase our local history, it’s a unique play,” Business Manager of the Lake Superior Theatre Nikke Nason said.  “A lot of the Broadway plays you can see in other places, but this is the only place you can see Beacon on the Rock.”

“It features our culture, our history, and it’s really important for this community to identify itself and to celebrate what we have here in the U.P.”

The theatre puts on four productions each season, and offers a unique setting for performances.

“The best thing about our theatre is not only what’s on the stage, but what’s there when you walk out and true to our title of Lake Superior,” Nason said.  “It’s a unique venue, it’s a boathouse theatre that stores a boat throughout the winter and every year we set it back up to perform on in the summer.”

Beacon on the Rock also runs July 6-7, and July 10-14.  Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and students, and $7.50 for children 14 and younger.

For more information, you can visit the theatre’s website at