Calumet hosts Frisbee tournament

It will be a weekend full of serious Frisbee fun in Calumet.

The 56th Annual International Frisbee Tournament takes place Saturday and Sunday at Agassiz Field.

To get things started, State Representative Scott Dianda presented Guts Frisbee players a certificate declaring Saturday, July 6 Frisbee Day in Michigan.

“I offered to bring up a resolution on the House floor—we passed the resolution to make this the official day,” Dianda said.  “This is going to be a day that we are going to have people from all over the country, along with the world, here in Calumet and we are celebrating the Frisbee.”

The event takes place at the football field in Calumet and will have a festival–type atmosphere.  Though the sport has seen its ups and downs over the years, many believe Frisbee is making a comeback.

“I think it’s something that’s going to be on going and continuing and we are going to be able to get more kids involved,” Dianda said.  “We are going to get kids outside playing Frisbee, having a lot of great exercise, having a lot of fun.”

But how fast can the Calumet Democrat through a Frisbee?

“Well, not as fast as these pros but we’re certainly going to try,” Dianda said.