Campfire safety reminders

Summer weather is starting to become a regular part of the forecasts across Upper Michigan, and that means camping season is in full swing.

But dry conditions and campfires could be a recipe for disaster.

The Department of Natural Resources is reminding campers to practice good campfire safety.  Fire danger has been high, and the increased number of visitors at campgrounds during the holiday week can be a combination for forest fires if precautions are not taken.

“If you’re having a campfire, you want to make sure to clean the area around, and move any debris from around the campfire, mineral soil from the campfire,” DNR Fire Specialist Bryce Avery said.  “Make sure you have tools and water to extinguish it well when you’re done.”

One of the most common causes of a wildfire is improper extinguishing of a campfire.

“When you’re done with your campfire, make sure you use plenty of water and stir the fire several times to make sure the water is thoroughly throughout the fire, and there’s not any hot coals left underneath the surface,” Avery said.

Checking fire danger in the area you are camping in can go along way in preventing forest fires.