60 years for women’s painting group

A group of local women painters is hoping to attract area attention with a month-long exhibit of its creations.

Members of the Thursday Painters get together every Thursday to create art and socialize, and they’ve done it for 60 years now.

Their artwork showcases the local outdoors during all four seasons with oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings.

“I think it’s interesting, not just for the longevity of this group, but how they’ve inspired each other,” Marquette arts and culture manager Tiina Harris said. “They’re also very, very dear friends, and they exhibit here annually, and it’s always a pleasure. They have one of the biggest turnouts.”

Ruth Seppala of Marquette, the earliest member of the Thursday Painters, passed away in May at the age of 83.

The 60th anniversary exhibition is dedicated to her.

“These are very, very talented women,” Harris said. “One of the artists, Betty Shirtz, she is 88 years old and has done original work for this exhibit.”

The “All Seasons” exhibition will be on display through the end of July at the Marquette Arts & Culture Center, which is inside the Peter White Public Library.

The center will also host a reception for the artists on July 25th.