Pastyfest preview

The ovens are blazing today as bakeries prepare thousands of pasties for tomorrow’s Pastyfest in Calumet.

The reigning champion in the commercial category for both traditional and non-traditional pasty, Roy’s Pasties and Bakery, is busy putting the final touches on their award-winning pies.

Roy Narhi, owner of Roy’s Pasties & Bakery says, “It turns it into one of the busiest days of our year as far as pasty production.  We will probably be doing an intense pasty production for about 12 hours; it will be over a thousand.”

Pastyfest begins in Calumet tomorrow with the parade at 11:00am followed by the Pasty Bakeoff judging at 1:00pm.

This is the seventh year that Roy’s has taken part in the event.

The spirit of competition among the bakeries keeps things fun and interesting.

Narhi added, “They certainly are excited about being in a competition that gives us a lot of satisfaction in the area knowing we can be produce the best pasty in the U.P.”