New rates possible for UPPCO customers

UPPCO customers might see a slightly higher electric bill next month.

The Upper Peninsula Power Company sought out the Michigan Public Service Commission for permission to raiser retail electric base rates by 8.1 percent.

The new hike will add about $10 to the average customer’s bill if it is approved
One of the reasons for the elevated rates stems from the need to reduce outages during storms by increasing tree trimming.
“Some of the larger increased costs associated with the request had to do with some hydroelectric generation improvements. We’re looking at building a new generator over at the Hoist plant. We’ve got some required safety improvements at our Victoria and Prickett plants. The improvements that we’re making at our hydroelectric facilities are important to our customers because in the long-run that will help us in not having to go out and purchase electric power on the grid, so to speak, and we can actually generate power in our customer’s backyards,” explained Jodi Prineau, Customer Operations Supervisor.

UPPCO says they read residential meters bi?monthly in an attempt to lower costs for all of their customers and will continue to do so in the future.