Lightning Awareness Week

It’s the second leading cause of storm related deaths in the United States…only flooding is more deadly or damaging than lightning.

State Farm Insurance paid out more than $200 million in lightning-related claims last year, with about $5.6 million in Michigan.

That was 19th among the 50 states, and the Upper Peninsula is no different.

State Farm Agent Mike Lahti says, “We pay quite a few lightning claims. A lot of times they damage electronic equipment in the house and if someone doesn’t have a surge protector, that’s what happened. And actually buildings out in the open, a lot of times they get hit and actually burn.”

During this Lightning Awareness Week, State Farm is helping to build lightning safe communities by calling attention to the dangers of lightning to both the home and, more importantly, the body.

Lahti noted, “In a lightning storm, most injuries are to kids or young people between 10 and 35, whether they’re working or out on a recreational pursuit.  So, stay out from under a tree, that’s the main thing, and also get off a golf course.”