Don’t keep kids in cars during hot weather

High temperatures during the summer may be uncomfortable.  They can be dangerous to anyone,especially children.

On average, over forty cases where children were left unattended inside a vehicle resulted in death in the United States each year.

Temperatures in a vehicle can increase by twenty degrees in the first ten minutes, even with a cracked window.

“Children, unlike adults, due to their body size and physiology lack the ability to adjust their body temperature and compensate to the intense heat, so they’re much more susceptible than the reset of us,” Dr. Doug LaBelle said.

“Our lives are so busy and so chaotic that it’s very easy to get distracted, so we need to think of simple reminders, and remember to look in the back seat (for kids).”

Michigan is one of thirty states where leaving your child unattended in a vehicle is illegal, no matter the timeframe.

If you see a child in a locked vehicle, it is advisable to call 911 in order to prevent a tragedy.