Tips from UPAWS for keeping pets cool

With summer weather finally hitting the Upper Peninsula, it’s important to keep not only yourself cool from the rising temperatures, but to also make sure your pets beat the heat.

Owners need to keep in mind that when dealing with warmer weather, animals require different care from what they need for themselves.

Several safe methods can be used to ensure that your furry companion maintains a cool body temperature and won’t risk overheating.

“There’s lots of fun ways that you can keep your dog cool, and they also really enjoy it,” U.P. Animal Welfare Shelter manager Lareina VanStrein said. “I freeze Kongs with peanut butter in it for my dog, who’s got frozen treats, or you could put ice cubes in their dish, or you could get little beds that have a cooling mechanism to keep them cool, but really, just providing moving air and some shade will do the trick.”

Be aware of irregular behavior, like heavy panting that may come from a pet during these hot times.

Also keep in mind that having your pet stay inside a vehicle is extremely dangerous; cars can reach very high temperatures in a matter of minutes if the windows are closed.