Preparations for Beacon House fundraiser

The third annual Celebrity Beacon House Golf Classic doesn’t tee off until tomorrow, but the last minute preparations are in full swing.

Each year the tournament has grown in size. There are more than 300 participants expected for the event this year. For the golf classic to go off without a hitch, it takes a lot of planning and preparation. The staff at the Marquette Golf Club know exactly what it takes to make it run smoothly.

Marquette Golf Club Assistant Golf Professional Mike Polini said, “We’re just getting cart signs ready, making sure we have enough carts for all the players, we have 210 carts coming in. We got the tent getting setup here, just making sure everything is ready to go by tomorrow morning.”

“Well we’ve got two years of this under our belt now so we figured out just about every job we need to be prepared for,” Marquette Golf Club’s Bag Room Supervisor Matthew Garrison said, “We’ve got people that are going to lead every group out to their holes because a lot of these people haven’t played the course. We’ve got people in charge of the ball spotters that are going to be out there helping everybody. We are going to be waiting for them to arrive, we have got different check in points for different people, and we’re going to be all set to get everybody helped.

The event plays a dual role in the community. It raises money and awareness for the Beacon House, but it also increases tourism.

The actor who played ‘Other brother, Darryl’ in the show “Newhart,” John Voldstad, says, “Oh, it’s very kind of heart warming, and feels great. If I can do anything for people I like to go out and do it.”

Alison Silk of the Marquette County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau says, “Anytime that we can represent our community in a positive way is a good step for tourism. You know these people may only be here for one day, one over night, but they’re going to come back. They’re going to see Marquette in a positive light, and it showcases everything we have to offer.”

The 2012 event raised over $108,000 for operational costs at Beacon House. The 2013 event will kick off tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.