West Team conducts first practices

Monday marked day one of the U.P. High School School Football All-Star week. After checking into the dorms and getting to know their roommates, it was time for the players to do what they do best- suit up and play.

Joe Reddinger, the head coach at North Dickinson, is the head man in charge of the West Team this week.

Practice on the first day is always tough. In addition to getting to know their teammates and coaches, the players have to learn a whole new set of plays and the terminology that goes with Coach Reddinger’s playbook.

But even after just one day of practice, the West Team said that things are definitely going in the right direction.

“We’re definitely getting the hang of it,” said Stephenson quarterback Austin Grinsteiner. “We run similar offenses its just different wording, but we’re getting the hang of it.”

“We are definitely having some good times,” said Hancock running back Ross Michaels. “Its a brand new experience, a new offense, its pretty awesome,” the Michigan Tech commit went on to say.

“Its definitely different but its been a good experience because these are the best players in the U.P., so its fun to play with the best,” said Iron Mountain running back/defensive back Taylor Huotari. “We are all pretty fast learners and I think we will all learn (the offensive and defensive schemes) very quickly,” Huotari went on to say.

We will have a look at how things are going for the East Team Tuesday during sports at 5:30pm on ABC 10.