DNR upgrades license sales system

The Department of Natural Resources will be upgrading its license sales system, both in the stores and online, effective Thursday, June 20. These upgrades will streamline the buying process; customers will be able to make their purchases in fewer clicks, and new safeguards will be in place to prevent mistakes. Customers and sales agents are advised that in order to perform the upgrade, a system shutdown will take place on June 20 from 7 to 10 a.m., after which time the upgrades will be in place and the system will be back online.

“This upgrade is one of a series of improvements aimed at streamlining the license-buying process,” explained Denise Gruben, who oversees the license sales system for the DNR. “We’ve taken suggestions from those who sell licenses at stores across the state, and implemented these upgrades to help create a better experience for both the sales agents and the customers.” Additional upgrades are planned over the next few years.

Changes that will be readily apparent to the agents and customers are notification and prevention of duplicate item purchases, fewer clicks and trips to the shopping cart while adding items, and an easy option for donating to the Sportsmen Against Hunger program.

License agents who would like further details about the changes are advised to check their system bulletins or the agent website. A letter detailing the changes will also be mailed to agents.

The license system is the DNR’s solution for selling hunting, fishing, ORV, snowmobile and other types of licenses and permits, and collecting donations for Sportsmen Against Hunger. The system is available at over 1,400 license sales locations throughout the state and online at www.mdnr-elicense.com