Mental health focus of public hearing

The Michigan Mental Health system and wellness programs were the topic at a public hearing in Marquette this morning. More than 50 people gathered to discuss mental health problems that plague Marquette County.

The Mental Health and Wellness Commission took questions, and concerns from audience members. The goal of the meetings is simple: give a voice to the people dealing with these issues, and help create a solution to strengthen the state’s mental health system.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley said, “We’re committed to getting input and taking comments and testimony from people all over the place. And this being our third public hearing we heard some great testimony today about what some of the gaps are, some of the challenges that we will incorporate into our report and recommendations for the state to follow.”

State Senator Bruce Caswell, a Republican from Hillsdale, said, “It’s an issue of the system working intelligently and helpfully to the consumer. It’s not about the administrators. It’s not about the programs we have to change all that. And we have to adjust things so that the consumer’s getting the help that they need and do it in a cost affective manner, and we can do that.”

The Mental Health and Wellness Commission will be holding additional public hearings throughout the state this week.