Healthy Michigan initiative

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder issued the following statement following the state House’s passage of the Healthy Michigan Plan (House Bill 4714), an initiative designed to reform and strengthen the state’s Medicaid program and meet the health care needs of low-income adults:

“House approval of the Healthy Michigan Plan is a fiscally responsible, forward-looking move that puts our state on a healthier course. This is a Michigan plan for Michigan families, communities, businesses, and our economy. It will help to curb skyrocketing medical costs by encouraging wellness, healthy behaviors and personal responsibility, reduce the burden of uncompensated care that shifts costs onto businesses and taxpayers, and help our citizens access affordable care. The result is stronger families, a stronger work force and a stronger, better Michigan.

“I appreciate the bipartisan leadership of House Speaker Jase Bolger, Minority Leader Tim Greimel, Reps. Mike Shirkey and Matt Lori, and their colleagues in moving this forward. With their input, the Healthy Michigan Plan is an innovative, visionary model for other states to emulate. I look forward to working on this issue with our partners in the Senate so that we can make this initiative a reality, controlling health care costs while protecting our vulnerable friends and neighbors as well as taxpayers across the state.”