Shipwreck Showcase drops anchor in Munising

Shipwrecks have been making waves in the news world lately, and it couldn’t come at better time for Munising.

Volunteers for Munising’s Life of Lake Superior Youth Program are putting on a shipwreck showcase Thursday night at the Mather Auditorium.

The event aims to celebrate the Great Lakes heritage with stories and songs about wrecks like the Edmund Fitzgerald from the preeminent Gordon Lightfoot tribute band Whispers of the North and acclaimed singer/songwriter Carl Behrend.

Plus an exclusive look behind the story of a 28-man crew shipwrecked on Lake Huron by gale force winds in November of 1966 told through eyes of the sole survivor who spent 40 hours on a raft with the bodies of three of his shipmates.

“I think prayer was a big reason I was saved, but I also think not having clothing on was a big factor. I know with the other fellas, I watched the clothing freeze on them. I’m sure after being encapsulated in ice that lowered their body temperatures. You have to hang on to your faith no matter what. And whatever you do, just don’t give up. Just keep trying,” explained Dennis Hale, the only member of the Daniel J. Morrell to survive after the ship split in half.

In addition to the entertainment, the Life of Lake Superior Youth Program will be auctioning off a boatload of prizes like an all expenses paid stay on Grand Isle and a real life replica of the Edmund Fitzgerald built by Peter Benzing, a Munising model shipbuilder.

All of the proceeds will go to their non-profit organization which gives kids in the area a chance to participate in outdoor activities like kayaking free of charge.

“What are objective is, is to over time, raise enough money so the Life of Lake Superior Program is self-sustaining. We want to know that we have it funded completely,” remarked Hobby Beich, the event organizer.

The program sets sail at 6 p.m. and tickets are $15.