Two businesses under one roof

Daniele Carol Photography and Panache Events, Decor, Boutique are two unique businesses that work hand in hand under one roof. Panache owner Janice Chittle helps to plan that special day, down to the last detail. Daniele Miljour owns Daniele Carol Photography. Her goal: to capture every breath–taking moment. The two companies are working together to help serve their clientele.

Chittle said, “We have very similar ideas, we have very similar personalities and or likes and our dislikes, we have very similar taste. So we work together and its a good package for couples I think because what one doesn’t think of the other does. And that way we can offer the very best that we can offer to our clients.”

Whether it’s the pictures of angelic babies – or the pure joy and emotion captured on the face of a new bride and groom, it’s obvious that Daniele has a love for photography.

She says, “It started with a passion for weddings and wanting to be at these crazy weddings and it was so much fun. And I loved the emotion and like I said the crazy day and the flow of it all. Then a few months ago I started with the new born portraits.”

Capturing the ideal picture is something Daniele prides herself on, and to keep her business growing.

“I have a very unique way of photographing an event. Every place that I see, everywhere that I go I see light,” according to Miljour, “And knowing that and connecting with my couples is how I’m able to pull off the perfect picture for them.”

For Janice, starting her own business has been a thrill of a lifetime. Moving her business out of her house and into new building has made it that much sweeter.

“I’ve always wanted to have something of my own that I’ve created from the group up. It’s always been really a dream of mine and to do it with something that you’re also very passionate about has been so exciting and to see it take off.” explained Chittle.

Keeping the customer happy and exceeding their expectations is just one of the many things that Janice aims for.

“I really try and tailor everything just for what they need,” said Chittle, “I don’t want people paying for services they don’t need. So I try to just sit down and get a real feel for what it is they’re looking for and then work with them on that. Show them what we can do to make their vision a reality.”

Both Daniele and Janice took their home–grown businesses and turned them in to full fledged success stories. They have already began plans to expand their office space by the end of next year, in time for the next holiday wedding season.