Recycling center re-opens in Escanaba

SGT’S Recycling Inc. has re-opened it’s doors in Escanaba at 1600 N. 30th Street.  The facility offers full-service recycling programs for electronics, scrap management, and
household items.

“We are glad to be back and ready to serve Delta County and the surrounding
region. Our quick absence helped us revamp this location and our services,”
explained Steve Hawn, SGT’S CEO.

Steve Hawn has been one of the new additions to the team, along with a new
website, blog and a concerted effort in all phases of marketing and social

“One of our goals is to interact with the community and encourage education about recycling and the recycling process. We hope that with our refined social abilities coupled with stronger advocacy we can clear up misconceptions that still exist about recycling.” added Hawn.

In the recycling center,  82% of the employees are veterans.  The business has made it their objective to “provide work for as many veterans as possible.” Other objectives include, protecting water supplies, easing the burden on our landfills and working in harmony with our regions leaders innovating new and creative reuse models. For more information about SGT’S Recycling visit