E-books gaining popularity at U.P. libraries

To keep up with technological changes, public libraries are redefining what they do.  They are not only places to find a hard copy of something you would like to read.

In the last ten years or so, libraries have offered an increasing amount of downloadable content.  Many patrons may not know it.

Anyone with a valid card for the Peter White Public Library in Marquette can check out e-books and audio books.

“It isn’t until someone buys a Kindle or a Nook or a tablet that they’re really interested in those types of services,” Director of the Peter White Public Library Pam Christensen said.  “So it seems like we have new customers for those services on an ongoing basis.”

Most, if not all, U.P. public libraries belong to the same digital system that the Peter White Library is part of.

Most library patrons in the U.P. should have access to it.

“The Great Lakes Digital Library is actually a cooperative program we do with a number of other public libraries in the U.P.,” Christensen said.  “It provides the downloadable e-books or the audio books.”

Downloadable books also have something else going for them: no late fees!