Water rescue in Marquette


The Black Rocks have been a traditional jump off point for teens in the U.P.

A 20-year-old Oakland University student is safe tonight after being rescued from Lake Superior in Marquette.

Miranda Divozzo, of Clinton Township in downstate Michigan, was with a group of fellow students filming at Presque Isle Park around 3 p.m. on Sunday. She reportedly asked a park patrol officer about jumping into the water off Black Rocks.The group was told that jumping would “not” be a good idea, considering the low temperature of the water.

Despite the advice, Divozzo, along with 3 others, jumped anyway. Divozzo came under distress immediately and needed assistance. A park patrol officer threw out a floatation device and helped her back to shore along with the group’s photographer. Divozzo was treated for hypothermia and sought her own medical treatment after the incident.