Casperson talks jobs with U.P. residents

Senator Tom Casperson says he is gunning for more jobs for the Upper Peninsula.

One of those ways is by luring arms manufacturers who are under pressure in their own hometowns.

“Areas that have arms manufacturers in them, in some cases, are taking a lot of heat.  The folks in that particular area of the country don’t like arms manufacturers and they just happen to be there,” Casperson said.

Legislation is in the works to create Arms Incentive Zones designed to entice industry manufacturers.

“We’ve actually asked for advice—tell us what you would be looking for; what would be a good incentive; what are some of the things that would entice you into a state to do business,” Casperson said.

Casperson added the jobs would be welcomed to the area and the attitude toward gun ownership would foster a positive environment for the industry.

“One of them actually was very aware of the Upper Peninsula, not in the sense of coming to do business, but aware of our culture and our love for hunting and fishing, that type of thing, and I thought that it was encouraging that that was the case,” Casperson said.