Fr. Mqt. School celebrates end of school year

Students from Father Marquette School took over the Ellwood A. Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette Tuesday.

Teachers, students, and family spent today in the park celebrating their final full day of school.

There was Frisbee, inflatable games, food and something for everyone to enjoy.

“We get to have one more last time with our children and the parents, because at Father Marquette our parents are such a big part of our family,” Emma Murphy said, a teacher at Father Marquette.  “We think of ourselves as family really. And it gives us a nice time to visit with the parents, visit with the students before we all depart for the summer.”

There is an annual tradition that a certain group of students help put the picnic on for all of the other students.

“The fourth grade has organized it every year for many years. And these fourth graders here, Jesse (Petrocik) and the class help us put it all together,” Murphy said.

Father Marquette Schools have a half day tomorrow to finish the school year.