Students rewarded for good grades

Incentives can work to bring out the best in everyone.

Students who get A’s on their report cards can cash those in at Family Video stores for a free movie or game rental.

The promotion continues through the end of June, and it applies to students from kindergarten to college.

“Family Video gives away free rentals to kids that get A’s and A-‘s on their report cards in the month of June,” Alison Neumann, Manager at the Family Video in Marquette said.  “If they’re younger and don’t get A’s yet, then we also give them free rentals in core classes like math or spelling or science or history just to reward them for getting good grades.”

Last year, the company awarded almost one million free game or movie rentals to students.

It is now offered at about 800 Family Video stores in the U.S. and Canada, including ten locations across the Upper Peninsula.