Petunia Pandemonium teaches kids to garden

A colorful floral tradition got underway in Marquette Friday morning with the help of several schools.

Friday was the 25th year for the Petunia Pandemonium.

Students from Bothwell Middle School, North Star Academy, and Father Marquette Elementary School were able to get some gardening experience.

The kids planted thousands of flowers along U.S. 41 and Front Street in south Marquette.  Students also picked up valuable tips that they can put to use in their own gardens.

“They drive by all summer, they watch their flowers grow and flourish,” Petunia Pandemonium Chairperson Barb Kelly said.  “I think it teaches them a great sense of community pride, because even though it seems like a simple task to plant a few single flowers, when they all grow and merge and become colorful and create kind of a masterpiece, I think they’re very proud of their handy work.”

“Well, they have to take the root ball off and you have to dig it down so it’s flat so you can get them in there,” Kian McDonough, a fifth grader at Bothwell Middle School said.  “The short ones go in the front, long ones in the back.”

Volunteers are still needed to finish planting the remaining flowers.  Planting continues Saturday on the west side of the highway at 10 a.m.