Ottenwess officially resigns as City Manager

A major change to the Ishpeming City Council was the topic of discussion at a special meeting Wednesday morning.

The agenda items included accepting the resignation of Jered Ottenwess as City Manager, as well as the transition and search of a new candidate.

Ottenwess will be moving on to fulfill the role of City Manager in Traverse City.

“It’s just another step in the process,” Ottenwess said.  “It’s a long process to transition.  I submitted my resignation last week, so this is formal action taken by the City Council.”

Ottenwess started as the City Manager of Ishpeming in March of 2010.  He says he has greatly enjoyed his time spent in the Upper Peninsula.

Ottenwess will be starting his new position in Traverse City in early July.

A motion to appoint a new transitional Interim City Manager also passed.

Director of Public Works in Ishpeming Jon Kangas will be stepping in as the Interim City Manager.  Kangas will continue to maintain his current position at the Public Works Department.