MI Attorney General visits Escanaba

Michigan’s Attorney General visited Escanaba this afternoon to meet with Delta County business leaders.

Bill Schuette attended a Delta County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

He spoke with them about national issues like the Affordable Care Act and topics of local concern.

They included the prevalence of meth labs in many areas of the U.P. and several others like “stopping the advancement of the Asian carp, which is knock-knock-knocking on Michigan’s door,” Schuette said. “That’s an important environmental issue. Secondly, we talked about the importance of preserving the (DNR) Natural Resources Trust Fund.”

Schuette also spoke with students about Internet safety and cyber-bullying.

He told them about the Michigan CSI, or Cyber-Safety Initiative, which encourages three things.

Schuette said those three things are “to keep safe by, you don’t always have to give all your information on the Internet. Number two: keep away from bad links, and number three: keep talking to a trusted adult if you have stumbled upon a bad link, something that makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Schuette continued his visit to the U.P. with a barbecue at Presque Isle Park in Marquette.