SAIL hosts pain management workshop

For people suffering with chronic pain, there are few options on how to diminish that pain.

A new workshop is being held in Marquette to help people learn alternate ways to alleviate pain.

Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL) is giving a Chronic Pain Self–Management Workshop starting May 28.

It’s a six week program for people living with chronic pain and those caring for people with chronic pain.

“It’s not a cure, but it’s just ways to get people to learn to self manage and learn different ways and ideas and solutions, not only from the program itself, but the peers within the class,” Jessica Mainer said, who is running the Chronic Pain Self–Management Workshop.

The program teaches people ways to deal with their chronic pain other than taking medications, which don’t always work.

“Not always do we see that pills and different things work, so it gives them another opportunity to brainstorm and see what else it out there to help self manage their chronic pain, and think outside the box and maybe some new ideas,” Mainer said.

There are still limited spaces available for the workshop, but you must be able to attend all sessions.  The workshops runs from 1- 3 p.m. Tuesdays from May 28 through July 2, and are free to attend.

To RSVP call SAIL at (906) 228–5744, or visit their website,