Lakeview Elementary has a Field Day

Today’s warm weather was a nice reprieve from yesterday’s surprise snowstorm and the perfect setting for some outdoor fun.


Fourth and fifth graders enjoyed lemonade and cookies courtesy of local McDonald’s and Econofoods

Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee held a field day for their fourth and fifth grade classes to celebrate the end of the school year.

Boys and girls teamed up to compete in 12 different track and field events, ranging from the 30 meter hurdles to the long jump, with some unorthodox activities like wheelbarrow crawls mixed in.

“Our theme is exercise is fun. We’re doing a bunch of different events, working on different fitness components, making it fun, but also extending the classroom outside,” explained Lisa Bigalk, the Physical Education Teacher at Lakeview Elementary.

Students were given an event card and were awarded stickers for every skill set they completed. Kids were able to take some of the things they learned in P-E class and utilize them throughout the competition, including the dreaded rope climb.

“All it takes is a little upper body strength and encouragement. In the gym it’s scarier because it’s higher, but that’s not as bad,” noted Carter Mattson, a fourth grader at Lakeview Elementary who made it to the top in no time.

As is tradition, anyone that was able to finish all the physical challenges took home a ribbon for their efforts.