Gas company expanding

PORT HURON, MI, May 23, 2013 – SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company (SEMCO) announced today that natural gas will be extended to parts of the Upper Peninsula communities of Phillipsville, Allouez, Ahmeek, Copper City, Mohawk, and Fulton. The construction project will begin in mid-June.  Homes that request natural gas in the project area should have it installed by early fall of this year.

“We are excited by the overwhelming response from homeowners wanting to convert to natural gas,” said Tim Lubbers, Director of Marketing for SEMCO ENERGY.  “Public meetings early this spring were well attended and the phones have been ringing every day.  People are eager to enjoy the savings of as much as 70% compared to other fuels.”

Routes for the new gas mains are being finalized now.  Lubbers urged families to send in their applications promptly to determine if their streets are included in the project.

Area residents can reach SEMCO at 800-860-4277 extension 6169.