DNR confirms another dog kill in Atlantic Mine area

A Department of Natural Resources wildlife technician has confirmed that a third dog has been killed today by a wolf in the Atlantic Mine area (Houghton County), in the same location where another dog was killed last week. The dog in this morning’s attack was chained up in a fenced yard at the time of the attack.

The first confirmed kill in this area was on April 28.

“Wolf attacks on dogs around residences are usually uncommon,” said DNR wildlife biologist Brian Roell. “The landowner was working to provide fencing and better boundaries but unfortunately another dog was killed on this property in a short amount of time.”

The DNR had provided both landowners in the first two incidents with a 30-day permit to kill wolves on their property. At this time, two wolves have been killed and the permits are still active.

Roell said that in addition to providing the 30-day permits, the department – in an effort to better protect the public, pets and livestock – is now also taking an active role in attempting lethal control of wolves in this area.

To learn more about Michigan’s wolf population, visit www.michigan.gov/wolves.