A super sized scavenger hunt in the U.P.

Super sized McCafe cups will be placed throughout the U.P.


McDonald’s is getting ready for a super size promotion across Upper Michigan on Friday.

Three-foot tall drink cups have been touring around Marquette County, heading out to Blueberry Ridge, playing on a playground, and at several other locations in preparation for a big scavenger hunt.

The fast-food restaurant will be placing them throughout the Upper Peninsula as a way to launch the new blueberry pomegranate smoothie.

On Friday, the super-sized McCafe cups will be placed near McDonald’s restaurants, for customers to use as a ticket to free smoothies for a year.  The cups may be at area tourist attractions, on a park bench, or even on a street corner.

If you spot one, all you need to take it to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

About two dozen McDonald’s cups will be scattered throughout the U.P.