VA Medical Ctr. career day

High school juniors from Kingsford and Iron Mountain High Schools spent the morning at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center.

Nearly a hundred students took park in the VA Health Care Career Fair.

Students were able to tour different departments at the medical center.

In smaller groups, students also attended two different medical career presentations to learn about options in the medical field.

Veterans Affairs representative Maryanne Gibler said, “Some of the options that were allowing the students to come and have hands on interaction with is our bio-med service, our computer information technology, we have physicians here, nurses, dietitians, we have our pathology lab and our imaging techs that are ready to answer any questions for our students.”

Kingsford High School Junior Misti Aho said,” I didn’t expect all the different areas. I didn’t think there that many different jobs in a hospital. My mom works here, so I mostly expected it to just be doctors and nurses, but I see more careers in here than what it seems to be.”

The VA Health Care Career Fair will continue tomorrow as another group of juniors from the two schools visit the medical center.