Inmate found after walking away from Schoolcraft Co. Jail

An inmate who walked away from the Schoolcraft County Jail is back in custody.

The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department says a 25-year-old man, who is a minimum security inmate, was given a community service pass by the court and a program pass by the Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department to attend counseling programs at churches nearby the jail.

At around 7:25 p.m. Monday, the inmate was released in Manistique to attend a 7:30 p.m. program and twenty minutes later deputies found he did not appear at the counseling session that was taking place on Main Street.

The inmate was found just after 10 p.m. at a parking lot on the west side of Manistique and was taken into custody.

“The criminal complain is now being handled by our department,” Schoolcraft County Sheriff W. John Norrington said.  “This inmate was classified minimum security and was approved by both the courts and I to participate in community service and counseling programs to better himself.  Unfortunately, it seems that the opportunity was taken advantage of.”

“This investigation will take time, however I will say that the incident was handled by our staff quickly and efficiently.  Our department coordinated with other law enforcement agencies to conduct an expansive and thorough search of the city.  I would thank everyone who assisted for their cooperation in helping us bring this situation to an end.”

The incident is still under investigation.

Manistique Public Safety, the Michigan State Police and the Sault Tribe Police Department all assisted in the search.