Dancing with the Stars less than a week away

Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style is less than a week away, and the dancers are still hard at work.

The couples are putting finishing touches on their routines they have been practicing for the past few months.  But, even missing one practice can affect a routine.

“It’s crunch time, we’re feeling a little bit nervous.  We made a lot of mistakes this week,” Alicia Frechette said.

Frechette and her dance partner, Jeremy Hansen, are one of the eight couples participating in Dancing with the Stars.  The pair will be dancing the Cha-Cha.

“We took about a week off, we had a lot going on.  So we were feeling pretty comfortable u until this practice,” Jeremy Hansen said.  “But I’m confident.  We have a couple more (practices) to get back on track.  We’ll be fine.”

“This is the first time we’ve gotten together since that (last) time, so it was kind of a way for me to see if they really have their dance down and memorized,” Alexandrea Holley, one of the dancing pros, said.  “Then we just have to tweak a few things or make it go with the music a bit better.”

Frechette and Hansen have found that dancing works a lot of muscles they would not normally use.

“We’re still creaky,” Hansen said.  “My knees are still creaking.”

“Dancing’s kind of a whole new thing, it’s different than a lot of activities that we’re used to doing,” Frechette said.

“Obviously being in shape does help regardless of what we’re doing, but dancing is out of our comfort zone,” Hansen said.

Dancing with the Stars is Thursday, May 23 at the Forest Roberts Theatre.  All proceeds from the event benefit the U.P. Hospice Foundation.

For more information, including more on how to donate or vote for the Fan Favorite Couple, visit www.uphomehealth.org.