Senate Finance Committee passes bill to cut taxes for disabled Vets

LANSING–The Michigan Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously today to pass Senate Bill 104, legislation sponsored by State Senator Glenn Anderson (D-Westland) that would give local governmental units the ability to exempt 100% disabled veterans living in their communities from local property taxes on their principal homes. Today’s action is the culmination of six years of work by Senator Anderson to reduce the tax burden for Michigan’s disabled veterans, and the bill now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

“Six years ago, I introduced this legislation after speaking with many disabled veterans who were living on fixed incomes and struggling with high taxes,” said Anderson. “Our veterans have sacrificed so much, especially those who are disabled and unable to work, and in return, we should be helping to support them in every sense of the word. With the committee’s passage of this legislation today, we are one step closer to helping cut our disabled veterans’ taxes and enabling them to stretch their dollar further.”

Senate Bill 104 is co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans and has support from several veteran organizations. Senator Anderson has worked with the chairman of the committee, Senator Jack Brandenburg (R-Harrison Township), veterans groups, and representatives of local governments around Michigan to make sure that this bill will provide assistance to the veterans who truly need it.

“We support Senate Bill 104 because we think it is the best proposal before the Senate to address the needs of disabled veterans,” said Doug Williams, Legislative Affairs Chairman for the Michigan American Legion.

Any veterans interested in showing their support for this bill are encouraged to call or write Senator Anderson’s office in Lansing at (517) 373-1707.