ADHD awareness luncheon in Mqt.

Some Marquette-area residents spent their lunch hour learning about one of the most common mental health conditions in American kids.

It’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The National Institutes of Mental Health estimate that three to five percent of kids in the U.S. have ADHD.

A psychologist gave a free presentation on the many potential symptoms of ADHD, and she says treatment starts with a primary care physician.

“Because that’s usually where our referrals come from,” Dr. Heather Busser-Demarte of MGH Behavioral Health said, “so I always say if you’re not sure about what services are offered in the U.P., talk to your doctor and hopefully they can make the appropriate referrals and get the services that are needed.”

The ADHD presentation was part of the Your Mind Matters mental health awareness series at the Peter White Public Library.