Tanzania church choir visiting U.P.

Students at Gwinn High School and Gwinn Middle School received a musical taste of eastern Africa this afternoon.

A Lutheran church choir from Tanzania is visiting Michigan for several weeks.

The members spoke with sixth-graders and then performed for the entire school.

Their church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is a companion congregation to a Marquette County church.

“We’re having a good friendship between these two churches, Messiah Lutheran Church at Marquette and Azania Front Cathedral Lutheran Church at Dar es Salaam as well,” Gabriel Mtitu, one of the members of the Tanzania delegation, said. “So, we have come straight here because of the friendship.”

They’ve visited Iron Mountain already and will head to Hancock tomorrow.

Members of Messiah Lutheran Church are hosting the singers during their stay in the Marquette area.

“They know how to socialize themselves,” Mtitu said. “That’s why they are taking good care of us all the time. That’s why I say this is a warm reception.”

The choir is also taking part in the Northern Great Lakes Synod Assembly.

It’s taking place at Messiah Thursday through Saturday, and it’s a gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.