Mqt. school facilities survey

Constant fluctuation in enrollment and funding has meant some tough choices for school districts.

In Marquette County, the Marquette Area Public Schools are looking to plan ahead to prevent any potential problems.

MAPS has recently sent out 14,000 copies of a survey to area residents.

The survey is asking for public input into what they think the best course of action is in terms of the district’s facilities.

“We want to get input from the public,” Lisa Jahnke from the Stragtegic Planning Committee said. “We want to know what the public wants, we want to know what’s best for students. We want to know what is the best alignment is with the buildings that we have, or if wee need to do some changes to our buildings; that’s what we would be looking at.”

Fellow committee member Jamie Randall said,”We are getting a tremendous amount of responses, more than any that we’ve gotten in the last decade. All the surveys that have been out, we are at least three times more already then we have ever gotten, so I would say that’s an indicator that people are interested in taking this survey.”

There is no set time for action to be taken.

However, the committee would like to begin analyzing the data from the survey and start planning as soon as possible.

You can find the survey here.