College: weighing the cost

Is getting a college degree really worth the money?  It’s a question that is being asked more and more often these days.  A recent report says…it depends on where you get your degree.

Lately, much has been said about the rising cost of tuition.  Others call for more vocational training with less emphasis on going to college. So…does it make sense to pay for higher education?  An online resource for perspective students says it depends on where you go.

In their most recent report…PayScale ranked Michigan Tech 18th in the nation among public universities based on return on investment from their degrees.
Return on investment is defined as the cost of attending college compared to the gain in income over 30 years of a college graduate over a high school graduate.

MTU President Glenn Mroz said, “There’s one thing to be said for placement rates and starting salaries and mid-career salaries, but when somebody sits down and they really calculate the value of the degree program, not only when you start working, but through your entire lifetime, it starts to really add up and you can start to see the difference between coming to a place like Michigan Tech and not.”

Recognition such as this serves as a draw to perspective students and their parents.

“You can’t necessarily promise anybody a job when they graduate but with a 94.6% placement rate, it comes pretty close.  Our promise to the students is if they do their job, we will do our job and together we can make them successful,” Mroz said.

Michigan Tech rose from 44th place in last year’s report so the Return On Investment is on the rise.