Late U.P. golf season

The Upper Peninsula has just seen one of its longest winters in recent memory.

The heavy snowfall meant a late jump on spring and summer recreation.

For area golf courses, the extra snow could cost them valuable business.

The crews at the Marquette Golf Club were only just able to start preparing their two courses in the last couple of weeks.

Although they have been working hard to get the courses ready, the late start could be costly.

Marquette Golf Club grounds superintendent Craig Moore said, “If you open later your revenue is less. But on the flip side, your expenses are down because you don’t have as many people on the clock, or as many supplies being used in that time. So, yeah, there is a definite revenue drawback.”

A long winter is a worst-case scenario for a golf course that can only be open for part of the year.

But Craig and his crew were well prepared to take action once the snow did melt.

Moore said, “Preparation for this time of year starts when we close. I work all year round. I’m in the shop all winter long getting the equipment ready, getting supplies ready and getting ready for this moment, so when the snow does melt, everything’s ready and we are out the door and we are moving with it, getting this place open as soon as we possibly can.”

Craig said he doesn’t like to set particular dates for when the courses are going to open; however, the Heritage course is open for walking.

With a little help from Mother Nature, he hopes to have both courses fully operational by this Friday, May 17th.